What's in the box?

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dsc00459This box arrived on my desk earlier today; I wonder what could be inside…?

dsc00460Mikuru: Suzumiya-san, what are you doing?
Haruhi: Checking it out of course, Mikuru-chan! And you’re coming with me!
Mikuru: Ehhhhh!?

dsc00461Mikuru: What do you see?
Haruhi: I can’t believe it! It’s incredible!
Mikuru: Heeeh? I don’t think we should be looking in here…
Haruhi: I’m going in!
Mikuru: Suzumiya-san! Please be careful!


dsc00468If you haven’t been able to tell by now after that elaborate little story, my figma Tsuruya-san has arrived, and this is the review for her! Included with the figure is the usual set of figma goodies. The bag and stand, set of hands and extra face. Tsuruya-san’s extra face is a smiling face like Kagami~n’s (by the way, congratulations are overdue for Kagami and Tsukasa for winning 1st and 2nd place in the SaiMoe tournament for 2008! Omedetou!) but a little smaller. Strangely, she does not come with a set of indoor shoes like I expected, but she gets something even better; a set of hands in the ‘v’ sign position (also known as the peace sign in the states.) As with all figma hands, these can be used with most of the other figma as well, making special poses available. Finally, as the gold foil sticker on the box mentions, Tsuruya-san’s figma comes with a bonus part which you can clearly see in the package; a Kimidori Emiri replacement head!

dsc00476Here is a picture of Kimidori’s head on the Tsuruya-san body. I can’t remember if she is a second year or not, but I wager if not, you can headswap her onto the Evil Witch Nagato body, since Kimidori isn’t seen wearing a cardigan. I believe most of the bodytypes are the same though.

dsc00478Hmm… something is missing in this image, but I can’t place my finger on it…

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dsc00475Back to Tsuruya-san, ever the trickster. Poor Mikuru-chan ^^;

dsc00473I snapped a few LCD screen pics with Tsuruya and Mikuru. Here’s one of the better ones.

Pros: Bonus hands. I love the v-sign hands she comes with; it was something that was definitely missing from the figma line. Tsuruya has BIG hair, and it’s actually jointed so it can be moved, unlike Konata’s. Sadly, I forgot to snap a pic of this as I was horrendously busy at work today, but I’ll definitely snap a pic so you can see in the future. As with the Konata figma, there is an alternative hole in her hair with a hair strand to fill in the hole when not in use. The Kimidori head is also a great bonus part, effectively giving you 2 figma for the price of one! The Asakura figma coming out this month will also come with a bonus Taniguchi head, so it might behoove you to buy an extra Kyon for it ;)

Cons: Aside from missing the indoor shoes (which is not a huge deal to begin with, the bonus hands are a much better accessory IMHO) I don’t really see anything remotely wrong with this figure. She is, in a word, perfect. Definitely is up there with Kagami as part of my favorite figma of all time ^_^

It doesn’t get much better than this figma. Tsuruya-san is my abosulte favorite character in the series, so naturally she was a must buy for me. Since she comes with the Kimidori head, this purchase is essentially a 2 for 1 buy. I highly recommend her as a purchase to add to your collection. You can find her at most online stores for between $25-30 before shipping. Nyoro~n!

dsc00466 dsc00467 dsc00470

dsc00471 dsc00474

7 Responses to “What's in the box?”

  • very lovely pictures, and I know who’s missing XD Ryoko! Hopefully mine gets here soon :P BTW. I know I’ve been here before but for some reason you weren’t on my blogroll, so you’ve been added ^^

  • Those pics with city wallpaper look great. It’s a really good way to use monitor as background.

  • I like your shots which highlight the value figmas, beautiful collection. Miku is very pleased to find Tsuruya san!

  • @Death: HLJ’s website is in english, same as Hobby Search.

    @Drieick: Traditional figures are great, in fact I do own some, but I like the fact that you can pose figmas any way you like and get some rather interesting poses out of them. The noticeable joints don’t bother me one bit ;)

    @acesan: You’re probably right… waitaminute, how do you know Mikuru-chan’s figma’s chest is bigger than the others? >.> ;)

  • I believe despite the uniforms being all identical, the body types are meant to be anime accurate …. which is why Mikuru-chan’s chest is “slightly” bigger than the others ^^

  • Lol, judging for your blog, you really, really like Figma, don’t you? I like them, aside from the fact that the joints are too noticeable.

    I prefer traditional figures, though. ^^

  • How are you able to order in Hobby Link Japan?

    Isn’t it in Japanese?

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