Double Review: the Cheer Girls: figmas 032 and 033

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After a long hiatus, the reviews continue! Today I review Haruhi and Mikuru: Cheer Girl versions!

First up is Haruhi of course ;) She comes with your standard set of figma accessories; a 3 joint stand and base, full compliment of bonus hands, and with the bonus face of Haruhi’s huge grin, a bonus head to go with it for her baseball helmet! Additional accessories include a segmented right hand to hold the baseball she comes with (pure white, you’ll need to paint in the stitchings yourself i you want it to look authentic,) a baseball mitt, a pair of pom poms to attach to her wrists once you remove her hands, and the baseball bat from “Suzumiya Haruhi no Taikutsu” after Nagato augments it to only hit home runs ;) You can tell because it is brutally dented from all the home runs the team hit during that episode.

Mikuru comes with pretty much the same accessories that Haruhi comes with. She comes with an adorable determined face. The bat she comes with is before Nagato augments it, and is completely clean, free of any dents. She also comes with an L joint for the figma stand, since it is quite difficult to get behind her massive amount of hair. One wonders why the other version of Mikuru we have so far doesn’t also have an L joint. I would also like to note that Haruhi and Mikuru’s sneakers both match their indoor shoes. Haruhi as a first year student has a blue accent on her sneakers, while Mikuru’s are red as a second year. If you were wondering, their bloomers match their shoes:

See? Haruhi’s are blue, and Mikuru’s are red. I am not a pervert >.>

As with all figmas, the heads are swappable, so if you’d like to have a Hayate or Kanu cheerleader, you can. The best part though? You can swap in Summer Seifuku Haruhi’s ponytail head onto Haruhi!

I also want to make note of the accessory hands that come with these version figmas. I guess they’ve heard our cries of hands to use with items that need a slot to slide into the hand, and most end up cutting through the hand in order to equip their favorite figmas with their favorite weapons. One popular figma this has been done to is Danny Choo’s Destiny Haruhi. Here is a closer look for comparison:

The hand on the left belongs to Tohsaka Rin, Cheer Girl Haruhi’s on the right

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This makes it easier for figmas to hold certain items like Destiny Haruhi’s Excalibur anti-ship sword. This is monumental in the figma line, and I hope they do continue to use this method for accessory hands in the future. I guess we’ll see when I get the Combat Waitress Mikuru and Culture Festival Tsuruya that I’m expecting this week.

Speaking of the hands, since these figmas end in a bare wrist and not a sleeve, a different method was used for the holes for the pegs on the hands. This makes swapping them much easier, since you don’t need to use so much force to apply them or remove them. Unfortunately, this method will only work on figmas whose arm ends in a bare wrist, but it’ll probably save most figma enthusiasts from the issues that have plagued us in the past, being it the ball joint breaking or twisting off, or the wrist joint itself breaking off from the hand itself.

Next up is what every guy asks about. The oppai (おっぱい) or chestal area! You might think that the guys over at just half ass it and use the same body for both the girls. Well, you’d be WRONG! If you look closely (or just look at the image I posted above,) you’ll see that Mikuru’s assets are much more considerable than Haruhi’s. This just goes to show how much effort they put into molding these action figures.

Here we show the bonus heads alongside the standard heads that came with the figma. The outside heads are the standard heads, the bonus heads for the helmets in the middle. Once again, showing the care in accuracy to the characters, while still allowing for flexibility. Obviously the helmet heads are only meant to be used with the helmets, as using them as regular heads makes Mikuru have a severe case of helmet hair, and Haruhi just has a weird trapezoid shaped head o.O

For the Suzumiya Haruhi series enthusiast, I highly recommend this set. For the figma enthusiast, I also recommend them. I recommend that if you do get one of them, then get the other for completionists sake. The difference in body types is obvious, as noted above. Haruhi and Mikuru Cheer Girl version are going for ¥2,261 at Hobby Search, and for ¥2,381 at Hobby Link Japan.

6 Responses to “Double Review: the Cheer Girls: figmas 032 and 033”

  • Hmm. I think I want these two. It’s all Nagato’s fault, since her favorable presentation has me considering collecting some other SOS団.

  • Well, it’s official, I want both of these. I was getting tired of Haruhi figures in general but these are different enough and have accessories and bloomers instead of white pantsu, bonus there. I guess I feel better about buying Haruhi figures now that we’re getting the second season ^^ Only reason I didn’t pick them up yet was because I’ve been overspending lately. Once I can replenish my bank account though they’re going on the buy list :) Great review!

  • @lightningsabre: understood about wanting to spend less money ^^ Mikuru’s bonus face is just too adorable, plus I’m an obsessive/compulsive about collecting and must have every figure in a series I like XD Alter’s Nanoha StrikerS line is killing me though since the figures are so pricey, so I might not collect everyone, just the aces ^o^

  • Nice review. Wanted to get Haruhi but wasn’t able to get it due to budget constrains.

  • Hmm for completist sake, eh? I did get Haruhi, but I probably won’t get Mikuru. It’s just less money spent that way, lol. I think it must’ve been me wanting a different Haruhi face for my comics that made me even buy her in the first place XD

    Hopefully I find a good use for this other than just the face ^^;;

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