Review: figma 082: Megurine Luka

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In honor of the birthday of Megurine Luka (巡音ルカ) which is today (1/30) I will review her figma!

Luka comes with your basic set of figma accessories. The figma base, stand and bag as usual. The stand also comes with a stand adapter, but this one is slightly different from the ones they usually ship with figmas; the adapter peg that goes into the figma’s back is at a 45゚ angle instead of a 90゚ one. This may be because the sculpt of the hole in her back is angled. Also included is one bonus face where she has her mouth open as if she were singing, a set of bonus hands, 2 accessory holding hands, 2 fists, 2 palms and 2 with the fingers spread out as if she were playing piano. These hands look similar to a pair of hands on the Kotobuki Tsumugi figma. Similarly to the Hatsune Miku figma, Luka comes with a mic and stand, but it is gold and seems more like a professional studio mic instead of a wireless omnidirectional mic like Miku has. Also for some reason they decided to include a tuna, which I guess is Luka’s character item, maguro (鮪) The tuna has a figma stand hole on the bottom so it can be used with a jointed stand or connected to a figma joint for massive lulz.

First off, let me start by saying that Luka is my favorite Vocaloid. It’s not because she has sexy half-zettai ryouiki or the belly button showing at the middle of her outfit. It’s not the long pink hair or those awesome golden boots. It’s because her synth voice was provided by none other than Asakawa Yuu (浅川 悠) whom is one of my absolute favorite seiyuu. I really wish I was proficient with the Vocaloid software because there would be so much I’d love to do with it. When I found out she was getting her own set of figures, I literally jumped on them, the most recent being her Nendoroid Puchi.

The fact that she has long hair helps though ;) Don’t even ask me about Tako Luka, as I have NO IDEA what is up with that character.

Pros: Great design, continues the new trend of tighter fitting no-ball hands, so the balls don’t snap off in the wrists. She will hand swap with other newer figmas, but it will be difficult to swap with older figmas, so don’t even try. You can get most of the hands from the K-ON series of figmas, but you won’t be able to get things like the unique hands for Combat Waitress Mikuru. If you absolutely must however, you can always swap the left forearm from a bare armed figma like Cheer Girl Mukuru or Haruhi or Summer Seifuku Haruhi and hand-swap away. Also, her accessory hands are the open kind, so you can have her hold things like bags and the like.

Cons: Even though I love her to death, Luka does come with her share of issues as well. First off is her flowing skirt. It really gets in the way of posing her legs, and is not very flexible. Second is the hair piece on the left side of her body. It also tends to get in the way and stick out a lot. Third is the number of faces. I would’ve loved to see a closed eyes face like her Nendoroid has, and have it be face swappable with Miku, but she only comes with the one extra face. Lastly is the tuna. It doesn’t seem to serve a purpose other than being Luka’s character item. She can hold it by the tail, but that’s about it. I’ve seen pictures where someone has taken the tuna and replaced the head of the Billy Herrington figma with it, as was done with Dead Master’s skulls.

As I mentioned above, Luka is one of my favorite characters of all time, and she is always on display on my desk. If you love Vocaloids, you will want this figma. If you like pink hair, you will probably want this figma. If you have the Hatsune Miku figma and need a companion for her (and don’t have Rin or Len Kagamine like I don’t) then you will want this figma. She is currently available at the following online stores:

Hobby Search – 2,266円 – 2,080円
HLJ – 2,400円
Toylet – $42.49
Otacute – $23.50
Chuck’s Anime Shrine – $38.99
Kid Nemo – $39.99
ToysLogic – $36.99

2 Responses to “Review: figma 082: Megurine Luka”

  • If you have the dead master figma, which one do you think is better? This one or Dead Master? And why?

    • I do have DM, and it’s hard to compare the two since I am a HUGE Luka fan, but I’d have to say DM on the sole fact that she has an insane amount of accessories.

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